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Everyone at CERIOHS is an owner and leader. We own our responsibilities. We lead by building healthy relationships. We are ordinary people working to end teen suicide through healthy relationships and personal responsibility.

CERIOHS is a small, fast growing registered charity with connections across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia. We have the intention of building a global presence to impact the lives of millions of people by showing them how to end teen suicide.

How we view the world, and what makes us different, is in our name. CERIOHS stands for Cranium Ex Rectum Institute of Happiness Studies. We don’t deal in illusions or wishful thinking. We focus on results.

We’re looking for a potentially top producing cause marketing person who wants to invest in building CERIOHS and our Programs element.

Before you invest any more time reading this ad, let us be clear about what we’re looking for. CERIOHS is a newly formed charity aimed at ending teen suicide. We’re looking for people willing to support that cause AND grow into a leadership position.

We have a plan for putting funding into place, so you’ll start with 10-12 hrs/wk as a volunteer focused on executing a crowd-funding campaign (i.e. Kickstarter). The success of that campaign, and your performance, determines how quickly we can move you into being full-time paid staff. (Accommodation can be made for student class schedules.)

If you think ending teen suicide is worth the investment, then keep reading.

What is CERIOHS?

Your first decision is whether you want to work in this environment. CERIOHS works with people in a life crisis and organisations that support those people. Each day may bring you into contact with people crying out for healthy relationships, concerned for a a family member, or actively contemplating suicide. Our approach is illustrated in our name.

CERIOHS stands for Cranium Ex Rectum Institute of Happiness Studies.

We don’t deal in illusions or wishful thinking. Our vision is for a world connected by healthy relationships and powered by personal responsibility. We achieve that vision by focusing on the 8 Personal Empowerment Practices

  1. Honesty
  2. Caring
  3. Accepting
  4. Listening
  5. Encouraging
  6. Supporting
  7. Trusting
  8. Negotiating

These are words we read, say and hear almost every day. Their use is so common, it’s easy to forget they are the foundation of a process.

You have to be honest with someone before you can really care for them. In the process of caring for someone, you learn to accept them; warts and all. Once you have accepted someone for who and where they are, you’re free to listen to them.

Listening allows you to discover what the other person wants. Than you can encourage them toward getting it. Encouragement, of course, only goes so far. It must be quickly joined by supporting the person toward achieving their goals.

Support must be balanced with trust, and the person you’re trying to help is unlikely to accept your support without trusting you. They trust you to guide them well. You trust them to heed advice, make the best choice they can, and be prepared to learn from mistakes along the way.

The final step of the process is negotiating. We all negotiate every day, but it’s most often based on an imbalance of power. Children negotiate staying up past their bedtime. Employees negotiate being able to do, or not do, something at work. Our lives are filled with negotiations that are really the granting, or refusal, of concessions.

At CERIOHS, negotiating is the result of having built a healthy relationship based on the 8 Personal Empowerment Practices. While it’s obvious that everyone’s skills, experience and situations are not equal, we do not use that as the basis for negotiating. Our objective is not to make everyone equal. Our objective is to help each person, and the community, become healthier, become stronger, and move toward getting happy.

Our five core values:

  • Honesty:         Speak the truth
  • Caring:            Speak the truth gently
  • Consistency:  Always speak the truth gently
  • Creativity:       Always looking for right way to speak the truth gently
  • Fun:                Entertain yourself always looking for the right way to speak the truth gently

Since we’re using the 8 Personal Empowerment Practices to achieve our vision of a world connected by personal relationships, and powered by personal responsibility, where do the core values fit, right? We invested a lot of time thinking about that very question.

There is some natural overlap. You have to value honesty and caring for them to become personal empowerment practices in the first place. So they are the foundation of everything we do at CERIOHS.

Now, be careful about thinking that makes everyone at CERIOHS a lovey-dovey, touchy-feely sort of person. That isn’t true. Honesty means sometimes having to say things that are uncomfortable; even painful. Caring means you do it as gently as possible, or as firmly as necessary, precisely because you care about the person to whom you are speaking. After all, if you saw your best friend about to step into an empty elevator shaft, would you speak softly? Or would you scream, shout, and try to tackle her because you care about her safety?

The philosophy that says You shouldn’t tell people they’re wrong is hurtful and destructive. It deprives everyone of the opportunity to learn from mistakes, to demonstrate caring, and to have healthy relationships.

How we work

The most valuable action is being honest with ourselves and each other. Being dishonest in a relationship is like leaky plumbing in a house. It can go unfixed, even unnoticed, for years before the damage is understood. By then the house, and the relationship, may be beyond repair.

Everyone at CERIOHS is committed to being consistently honest and caring.

Everyone at CERIOHS is a Stakeholder. We are sold out to what we’re doing, not employees who punch clocks. We choose the name Stakeholder because we only want people who will own their work, not just do it. Employees have to be told what to do, Stakeholders are proactive and make the job better.

We don’t have office hours or vacation policies or a central office. We’re not interested in whose car was in the parking lot first or who left last we believe in working together as a Committed Community to get results. (Even if sometimes we look like a community that ought to be committed.)

We work from our homes or places like breakfast joints, meeting rooms, and workshops. We might get an office someday, but only when it makes sense.

Our preference is to work with existing agencies, and to build upon existing programs. We use community centres and libraries for meetings, businesses and agencies for delivering programs, and the health of our communities as a measure of success.

Who Are You?

The ideal candidate enjoys the administrative process of setting up and running programs. The biggest part of your job is discovering how we can augment or support existing programs within other agencies.

We’re looking for someone who wants to make a big impact in the world around them and believes what Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” We need someone who embraces and practices that serving others, not selling to them, is the best way to grow the company, and your own income, while making a difference in the community.

It is very important that you are great at business development and closing sales. (It’s a strange way to think about social programs, I know, but that’s part of what makes us different.) But just as important, we’re looking for someone who expects to have a transformational effect on the lives of thousands of families and teens, starting in the Toronto area, and as you grow into the role, possibly far beyond.

To that end, this won’t be an Ad listing a set of tasks and corresponding skills, but an opportunity to find a place to Make Meaning, not just make money. And no, we’re not a woo-woo, motivational fluff company. We’re hard-core capitalists, who also believe that we were made to be and to do something significant with our lives, and to have a global impact. We’d love to have you jump in the pool with us – we’ll all make a bigger splash together.

The primary duties of the Programs Manager are to:

  1. be the introduction of CERIOHS to local social agencies in Toronto who don’t know us, not just be a sales person. We’re looking to form joint ventures with agencies motivated to help people change their lives.
  2. communicate to these social agencies how CERIOHS can support what they are already doing, and lighten their burden
  3. close them and get them on board quickly – speed of execution is critical
  4. build “committed community” among the social agencies choosing to work with CERIOHS.

If you would like to work for a registered charity that is going from local to global, working as part of a very close knit leadership team, meeting one on one with business owners on a weekly basis, and using a sense of urgency to figure out how to serve them best, this could be a very meaningful position for you. If you are looking for a box within which you will find a clear list of tasks to perform and regularly set times to be “at work”, please do not apply – we don’t see life that way.

There is tremendous long-term growth potential for you with CERIOHS. People like you will build this organisation internationally while building a great life for yourself.

What do we want you to do?

If you enjoy meaningful work, a focus on RESULTS, not activity, working very closely with other Stakeholders and clients and proactively on your own, we might be a good fit.

  1. Help us locate social agencies with whom we can develop programs, and who can provide editorial input for the personal workbook and study guide being developed.
  2. Work closely as part of the CERIOHS leadership team to build the Toronto model and lay the foundation for continued international growth.
  3. Help us build our brand as part of the “face” of CERIOHS.
  4. Find meaning in the transformational effect we are having in the lives of families and teens.
  5. Act as if you own the company – take initiative and ownership, make decisions, think ahead and be proactive (we don’t need “reactive” people who need to be told what to do); work with others to constantly deliver better products and services every day,
  6. Not work 9-5, but 8-3, 9-4, 10-6, 9-noon, nothing today – go for a walk, 7-6 etc,
  7. Talk well on the phone with people you’ve likely already met briefly, and even better in person when you bring them on board.

If the above sounds meaningful and exciting to you, we might be a good fit. We’re not into a lot of big corporate buzzword bingo, zero sum games, beating the competition, glossy marketing, office hours, or walnut offices. If those things are important to you, don’t apply.

Preferred skills:

  1. A servant – you’re more interested in making others successful than yourself.
  2. Speed of Execution– If you like to contemplate, research, understand, compile and analyze, this is definitely not the right company for you. We need someone who sees something and immediately wants to get it done. If having possible opportunities hanging out there that are unresolved bugs you, and you want to get moving while others are having meetings, you’ll fit in well here.
  3. High sense of urgency – it goes with Speed of Execution –Things can’t happen tomorrow (tomorrow never comes). We need someone who will get hives if things aren’t getting done today.
  4. Highly Relational – you will need to connect relationally very quickly with social agency staff. You need to be attuned to what they need, and they need to know that you “get them”.
  5. Excellent communication skills on the phone, and even better in person (most of your work will be in person) – As the face of CERIOHS, you need to understand our services thoroughly and be an excellent communicator of them to the business world. You need to enjoy having a cup of coffee/tea/beer with people to find out what they need.
  6. Ability to logically solve problems with little supervision.
  7. A take-charge approach – Initiative and the ability to figure things out on your own.
  8. Comfortable with change and working in unknown situations.
  9. Discretion in handling and communicating sensitive information.
  10. Ability to lead and build committed communities of business owners.
  11. A great team player who understands they live in community, not as a rugged individualist.
  12. An “owners” mindset. We all own the result and act like we own the company.

What is the Compensation?

This position is volunteer (10-12hrs/wk) to start, with the aim of having you full-time and paid before the end of 2015. The biggest part of your task is helping us get programs up and running that help us complete the first book in the Getting Happy series. You’ll be working directly the CERIOHS founder to connect with social service agencies, service clubs and city councillors. You’ll also be deeply involved in the execution of a well planned crowd funding campaign this year.

When funding is in place, this is a position with a salary base plus expenses(as you grow with the position, there may be travel involved). Compensation will be in line with your experience and the value you demonstrate. We want someone who wants to be here for the long haul and become part of our company leadership team as we grow our program and funding base..

What is the Next Step?

We don’t need to see your resume yet; it’s just a tombstone of past experiences anyway. Please do not send it and please do not call. We want both you and us to know we are a cultural fit, first. For now, just email us answers to the following questions. SHORT ANSWERS – we don’t expect you to spend an hour on these; 1-4 sentences per answer is fine:

  1. How is this position a fit for you? Include a favorite sales success story.
  2. What would you get out of working in the environment described here?
  3. What are three biggest SALES assets you bring to the team?
  4. How can we support you – what do you need from us to be successful?
  5. Where do you want to go with your life (career is a part of life, not separate)?
  6. What’s the one thing keeping you from getting where you want to go?
  7. If moved forward in the process, will you be willing to give us references and provide other information to demonstrate your skills?

What other helpful info did we forget to ask? Feel free to fill us in.

Send the responses to We will acknowledge your submission by email. Those we contact again by email will be invited to a short phone interview. The next step will be to assess your fit for this position. Remaining candidates will be asked to provide resumes and a list of past customers we can call, followed by personal interviews with our leadership team. We are looking to fill this position as soon as the right person finds us.

Here’s a lot more about us:

Our current site is There’s a lot to learn about the founder of CERIOHS at that site, and why CERIOHS was formed.

CERIOHS is at the beginning of its journey, and we have high ambitions. Our first project is aimed at ending teen suicide.

When we know each other better, we can take lots of time to walk through the programs CERIOHS runs and is planning. For now, it’s important for you to know the larger picture we envision.

Our primary work is a book series that picks up where the Chicken Soup for the Soul series left off. The series title is Getting Happy… (that’s why you’ve seen that phrase a few times already). Each title in the series addresses a life crisis. So it’s Getting Happy… when you wish you were dead (for teen suicide), after retirement (for Boomers), in your first career, and so on.

Each book in the series tells the story of someone who has met this life crisis and come through to the other side having achieved some measure of getting happy. This doesn’t mean they have everything they want or that life is just hunky-dory. Remember, we believe happiness is transient. That means life is a bowl of cherries complete with pits and stems.

Each book tells a story of inspiration. With each book goes a Personal Workbook. This is for every reader who is experiencing the life crisis. The workbook gives them advice and direction for finding their way past the crisis and toward getting happy.

There is also a Teaching Guide with each book. This is for people who run support groups, do counselling, or offer coaching. It gives them a resource to help people – yep, you guessed it – find their way past the crisis and toward getting happy.

The book series is supported by a podcast (a.k.a. Internet Radio Broadcast). The podcast is weekly, 30 minutes, and makes use of editorial commentary, interviews with experts and experiencers (people who’ve lived through a crisis), and some good, old fashioned rants.

So how does all of this support our goal of ending teen suicide, right? Good question.

There are two major components that contribute to someone considering suicide as an option. The first is feeling disconnected, and the second is feeling ineffective. Naturally, the antidote for these components is to help people feel connected and effective.

Building the book series gives CERIOHS an immense network of opportunities for youth to make connections (healthy relationships) and be effective (personal responsibility).

A big part of our work in this, our first year, is a crowdfunding campaign designed to get attention for the book series – and especially the first book. This is, of course, something with which you’ll be intensely involved. The crowdfunding campaign is our vehicle to making connections with Toronto’s 78 Business Improvement Areas, the University Health Network, community centres, service clubs and individuals. (We’re already listed to receive a Google grant to help propel this effort.)


Getting Happy is a result more than a goal

The most successful comedies have moments of poignancy. We appreciate happiness, joy and satisfaction precisely because they are not always with us, and because they come from different activites. We can get as much satisfaction from a well earned vacation as we do from a hard won achievement.

Mental Health has a spectrum

We believe mental health exists with the same spectrum as physcial health. Getting happy is possible because we are able to recover from mental illness just as we recover from physical illness.

Personal Responsibility and Community Accountability

All we can control is our choices. We are responsible to ourselves for choosing well, and rely on our community to hold us accountable for our choices.

Honest, Clear Communication

We believe in speaking honestly and directly to every situation. Tact is used to minimize hurting someone’s feelings. Avoidance – in any form – only creates more pain, for more people, over a longer period of time.

Failing Forward

John Maxwell makes this point eloquently in his book by the same title. We believe mistakes are our best sources of learning. The faster we make mistakes, the faster we learn. The faster we learn, the sooner we arrive at Getting Happy.


We believe in equipping people with information and skills makes it possible for them to choose their transformation and conation.

Trapeze Moments

We believe in embracing the moments between knowing where I am and where I will land. It is in the fear of flying from one trapeze bar to anohter that we grow most, and discover the most about ourselves.

Individual Worth

We believe all of us are made to do, and be, something significant. We use work as one way for people to find and create that significance.


We believe in the unification of play and work to achieve Plork. That which makes life worth living, and moves us most quickly toward getting happy.

Yield Per Hour

We believe in always making the highest and best use of our time. Sometimes that’s working 14 hour days to meet a deadline. It also means making time for family and friends, for rest and relaxation, and for appreciating what you have.

Speed of Execution

We believe in implementing now and perfecting as we go. Michael Masterson said it best: Ready. Fire. Aim.

Choice is Wealth

We believe wealth is the freedom to choose what we do. We guard that wealth by building healthy relationships with people who support honesty and caring, and taking personal responsibility for our choices even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.


We believe committed movement in a purposeful direction is the surest path toward getting happy. We make progress every day; some days a little, some days a lot, but every day brings progress in some way.


We believe transformation comes from replacing POOP with PEP. Since nature abhors a vacuum, trying to rid ourselves of a bad habit makes no sense. Far better to replace the bad habit (POOP) with a good one (PEP).

Please respond to

We look forward to hearing from you!

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