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Thank you for visiting the Hiring Ads page. This page lists the positions we are currently seeking to fill at CERIOHS (Cranium Ex Rectum Institute of Happiness Studies).

Community Manager

This position helps CERIOHS connect with business owners who have an interest in ending teen suicide.

Programs Manager

This position helps CERIOHS connect with social agencies providing programs aimed at ending teen suicide.

Relationship Manager

This position supports CERIOHS staff by ensuring we have the needed tools, and by keeping us on track toward building healthy relationships and accepting personal responsibility.

These hiring ads are designed to locate candidates who are a fit with the CERIOHS culture. Our focus is on ensuring we have a team that works well together. That you have the skills to do the job is presumed. (If you don’t have the skills for the position, this will be readily apparent during the hiring process.)

Our cause is ending teen suicide. We want to focus on that rather than solving interpersonal dilemmas.

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