September 17, 2021

Edits and Outreach

Edits and Outreach Took a Wild Turn

I am happy investing the daily effort that leads to greater success. It’s one of my affirmations. I have it over my desk, in the bathroom, and in the kitchen. And I turned my back on it today. It’s time for some personal edits and outreach.

To be fair to myself, I did get some work done today. I did a final cleanup on my manuscript, and I talked with Steve Thornton. Steve is an editor here in Toronto. He is kindly trying to fix a mistake I made in the manuscript that is preventing me from using page numbers. On the bright side, having no page numbers gives readers the same lost feeling I had while living the story.

Two big pieces of my day today were contacting more celebrities and doing Goal Achievement. That’s something I do every Friday afternoon – usually.

Limiting My Success

edits and outreach - Conrad with SilasWe all know what self-sabotage is, right? You start doing something then deliberate make mistakes to prevent success. Today was something different. Today was a wild turn.

I go the edits part of edits and outreach done today. And Steve is working to help fix the page numbering mistake. But I definitely dumped the outreach part of today. So I’m using this blog post to reach out to myself and get back on track.

You see, today, I chose to deliberately stop my success.

Yesterday went very well. I reached out to sixteen celebrities. This week has gone very well. Jack Canfield wrote the foreword to Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead. I finished all the edits. I’m doing all the challenges in the Reignite Your Life program. I have happily invested the daily effort that leads to greater success all week. And today I decided it needed to stop.

Edits and Outreach for Yourself

You can call the process of coaching yourself to greater success anything you want. Today, I’m calling it edits and outreach for myself.

I am deliberately editing the self-talk that says too much success is scary. Now, can it be scary? Sure. But other words for that are exciting, thrilling, adventurous, and invigorating. It’s up to me to edit my self-talk so I’m using the positive, encouraging words.

It’s also up to me to reach out to myself. This can sound a little unbalanced, but stick with me for a second. You are the director of your life, right? Just like a film director chooses how to put a film together, I choose how to put my life together. At the same time, a lot of the stuff we do each day is on autopilot. We have so much information, and so many decisions, coming at us every day, we have to rely on our pattern recognition expertise and let ourselves run on autopilot.

Just like a director, sometimes we see things are going off course. A director calls “Cut” and gives direction to the actors and film crew. We call “Stop” and give directions to our self. We do edits and outreach – we coach ourselves toward success.

Goal Achievement is Fun

upward direction graphAchieving a goal is fun, right? It can be as simple as cooking a meal or as complex as writing and promoting a book. We feel good anytime we set a goal and achieve it.

I’m headed into an area of success I have never seen before. I’ve seen other people achieve it, but it’s new to me. There have been other kinds of success in my life, but this is new. This is success on the scale of Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, and Dan Kennedy. This is success that gets me recognised while walking in the street.

I knew it would be exhilarating. I also had a realistic expectation of self-sabotage. And I was pretty sure there would be one or two occurrences like today. It’s okay to hesitate before you leap into success or any other new activity. You just have to make sure that hesitation really is just a hesitation.

So tomorrow, I will review my goal sheets. I will mark things as completed and add any notes about new stuff. I will write more letters to celebrities and schedule them for delivery. And because it needs doing, I will start the page by page editing of my media kit.

Thank you for making the time to read this through. I hope reading it is as helpful to you as writing it has been helpful to me.

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