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September 14, 2021

Contact and Edit – 93 Days to Deadline

Contact and Edit – Reaching Out To Celebrities

Contact and Edit is the repeating process of reaching out for endorsements
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The research has been going since last week. Who is this celebrity’s publicist? Is that email address valid? Might a letter be better for this person? It’s a repeating process of contact and edit. I find the contact information for a celebrity or their publicist, then I edit the request for an endorsement to suit that person.

I contacted seven (7) celebrities today. That looks like a small number, even to me, but it represents a lot of courage. My self doubt is bigger than my belly, and I weigh 280 pounds. I just found that out yesterday during an annual followup MRI appointment. That kind of news is usually quite disheartening, but it worked to galvanize me this time.

My efforts to lose weight this year have been consistent and diligent – short of perfect, but still qualifying as consistent and diligent. It shows because I have lost quite a bit of weight this year. There is some clothing I can wear now that was too tight in January. Other clothing now hangs off me. And at the start of the year, I was unable to tie my shoes without getting out of breath. Now I’m doing the contact and edit to launch a new book!

Courage is Moving Forward Even When You’re Afraid

My weight remains a concern because it’s causing health issues. However, it can wait while I focus on launching Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead. A successful launch means enough revenue to hire some help with losing weight and getting fit again.

So I’m staying focused on the process of contact and edit. My goal is to reach out to 104 celebrities by 6 Oct ’21. I made that as a 30 day goal. But now I am energized and think I can do better.

Why am I energized you ask? That’s such a wonderful question. I’m glad you asked.

One of the people to whom I reached out today is Jack Canfield. I have known Jack at a distance for quite some time, and I put what he teaches into action. I am fortunate to have his email address and I reached out to him today asking if he would write the Foreword for Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when he answered yes! And it came with a little bit extra. He said he had read quite a bit of my manuscript this morning and I am “a compelling writer. Congratulations on that.”

Jack Canfield – the man with 66 bestsellers – called me a compelling writer. Talk about putting a full charge on my contact and edit battery!

Let’s Forecast the Future

Author image of confidence
Moving forward with confidence

The launch of Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead is going to be successful. I’m going to hit my goal of selling 100,000 copies by 16 Dec ’21 (my 55th birthday) because now I know I’ve written the book I wanted to write. It grabs and holds your attention – it’s compelling.

I am rising above my self-doubt because of a vote of confidence from a mentor to model, Jack Canfield. I am so thankful I had the courage to ask. It gives me more courage to continue the process of contact and edit.

Last point – I am finishing the edits to my media kit. This was the second item on my To Do list today. I missed getting to it because I was so excited by Jack’s reply. But now I am massively reassured – what I wrote is worth reading! Jack finds my writing compelling!

If I sound like a teenager gushing over some rock star, that’s good. When someone with 66 bestsellers and over 100 million copies in print in 47 languages around the world tells you you’re a compelling writer, you’ll do a little gushing, too. Now I’m off to draft that foreword for Jack Canfield’s approval. Then back to contact and edit tomorrow.

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