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September 15, 2021

Commit to Detail – Day 92 and Counting

Commit to Details to Ensure Tasks Get Completed

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There is nothing worse than thinking a task is done, then finding out some small part of that task got missed. Failing to commit to details is aggravating and it causes all kinds of self-doubt about whether anything else slipped by.

This might even be the biggest reason why it’s always a good idea to break tasks down into the smallest constituent parts. I find the only time the issue of things getting missed comes up is when I let two or three things get lumped together on a checklist. I know what all the parts are when I’m making the list, and thinking it’s okay to lump them together. But I’m always a lot less clear about it when I actually do the work.

Tasks Finished Today

This is why I like to commit to details. Celebrating things you got done is fun!

Jack Canfield sent me his Foreword for Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead today. Now I have to figure out how to capitalize on that using social media. Thankfully, I have a course from Dr. David Friedman on how to do just that. But that’s a separate task.

Getting the foreword from Jack meant adding it to the manuscript. He also pointed out a couple things to fix in the manuscript. And some of the chapters started on a left-side page. See how I had mixed an oddball job in with the task, and the task grew a little with Jack’s feedback? All reasons to commit to detail.

Then we had the Reignite Your Life coaching call this afternoon. That was an easy one to get done, but there was a detail to watch. I already have Zoom installed, yes? So instead of clicking the Join link, I used the meeting ID and password to join the call.

And the last thing on my list today was contacting celebrities. I’m a little tired so I just did more research on contact information. But tomorrow is free of meetings so I am setting aside four hours to write emails to all the people I have researched. Let’s see how many people that means I contact.

Extra List Items Today

I mentioned a couple extra items on my To Do list today in this morning’s video. This is part of how I commit to detail.

One of the items was adjusting page starts for chapters. This is making sure every chapter starts on a right-side page. I looped this one in with adding Jack’s Foreword to the manuscript. So that’s done.

The other is reviewing and editing my media kit. I never had any intention of doing that today, but I put it on today’s list? And you naturally ask why would I do that, right? It’s all part of commit to detail.

Friday’s are my goal setting day. I use the last half of the day to go through my goal sheets, check off what I got done during the week, and plan what to do in the coming week. Well, I find by the time I get to Tuesday or Wednesday there are things partially done that might also get forgotten. So I add them to the To Do list to make sure they get remembered. That might seem odd, but it works for me.

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