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October 7, 2021

Back on Track – Day 70 of Countdown

Back on Track

You ever get knocked off track by something good happening? We’ve all been knocked off track by something bad happening, but it’s more surprising when it’s something good, right? But I’m back on track today.

If you’ve been following along, you know I received a furniture delivery Friday, 1 Oct. So Friday was given over to getting ready for the delivery and receiving it. Saturday was putting everything in its place. Sunday was putting stuff back on shelves and generally cleaning up the apartment. Then Monday was a deep breath from being wiped out after all the weekend activity. But that’s also when I fell off the track.

Taking up the weekend plus Monday was already in my plans. But part of Monday was supposed to be refocusing on the book launch. I never did that.

Homework for Steve Harrison’s Maximum Publicity Package got missed. It was supposed to be submitted by end of business Monday. It would have been better to complete the homework Thursday. So that’s an honest scheduling gaffe; upsetting but easy to get back on track. There is also homework for Jack Canfield’s Reignite Your Life that got missed.

This is a bigger issue because it should really have been worked on over the last couple of weeks. I can stay back on track now that I have the right idea for how handle it.

Prepping for Change

The first step for any project is getting ready, right? Here’s where I started refurnishing my apartment.

bedroom from northwest cornerbedroom from southwest corner

If you think this is tight, wait until I put a queen bed in here!



The bedroom finished looking like this:

queen bed from southwest cornerqueen bed from northwest corner

That massive box on the floor is a 70″ television. The curtains in my bedroom are blackout curtains so I chose a tv large enough to make it feel like a cinema.

There is a lot of stuff that had to go to make room for the new furniture. A work table and kitchen table, the single bed (of course), and a bunch of old boxes and storage tins. Fortunately, it’s an apartment – there’s only so much space you can fill – so there’s no real opportunity for holding onto a lot of stuff.

Next is the living room. This space was set up as an office when I moved in to help me stay focused on writing. (At least that’s what I told myself.) I decided to make the living room a space for living.

living room from the northwest cornerliving room from southeast corner

This has served me well, but there is nowhere to sit and chat with friends.


Yes, there is a tv for this room, too. It’s how I will pull myself away from my desk to relax.

living room cleaned from nw cornerliving room cleaned from southwest corner

There was a little cleaning left to do, but you can see the loveseat at the left and a recliner in the photo to the right.


These are the good things that took me off track last weekend. It took a day of coaching calls to lift me back on track.

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