September 10, 2021

97 Days to Success

97 Days to Success – Follow The Countdown!

Success Comes With Help

I’ve already published six books (with two international bestsellers) and learned a thing or two along the way. One thing is certain: the more people talking about you and your book, the better you do in sales. So, with genuine love and affection, prepare to meet my attractive character as we count down 97 days to success.

Suicide prevention is like putting smoke detectors into your burning house. You’ve left it too long. Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead is an emotional gut punch filled with hope for even the fiercest journey. It tells my journey through the darkest period of my life – being divorced and losing a second family. The journey is spiked with anecdotes from my life.

David L. Hancock, Founder of Morgan James Publishing, says “Conrad’s honesty, his willingness to be exposed, make Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead a must read for every parent and friend.”

That’s the first source of help – people saying good things about the book. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, on social media, or send me an email. You can even use the contact form on this site.

Then there’s Jack Canfield. I’m enrolled in his Reignite Your Life program right now. It’s finally time to step free of that dark journey and into the light of success. Speaking of which, I’m also enrolled in Jack Canfield’s Breakthough To Success in early November. Jack has been an excellent mentor to model for years. Now I’m stepping forward to make him a mentor to talk to. (Rock that Dan Kennedy quoting Dr. Maxwell Maltz!)

Have to mention Steve Harrison, too. I have enrolled in his National Publicity Summit program. The summit happens virtually in early December. The program has already started. Steve Harrison knows how to deliver results. All I have to do is take action. The next 97 days to success give you an inside look at sharpening your focus, crafting show pitches, and promoting a book.

Polarizing The Audience in 97 Days to Success

My attractive character does more than just polarize an audience. I generally take that fence and ram it home.

Psychiatry is more than just hazardous to your health. It’s a house divided against itself. On one hand, it says trust and rapport are essential to helping someone recover their mental health. On the other hand, psychiatry has (and frequently uses) the power to arrest a person, incarcerate without trial or charges, and force treatment on you.

So much for trust and rapport.

Suicide becomes an option when someone feels disconnected (“nobody loves me”) and ineffective (“I’ll never get it right anyway”) Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead shows you how to reverse those. Yes, it is possible to connect and be effective.

We have 97 days to success from today. There’s lots more story to tell. Drop your questions in the comments. And if you have something negative to say – this is the internet, after all – thank you for demonstrating your worth and value.


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